Excellence in Academics

JSSA Tutoring Program

It is our mission to strive for Excellence in AcademicsThe tutoring program aims to support athletes and families in achieving academic success. Our board of directors collaborates closely with athletes to ensure success extends to all aspects of life, particularly in school. JSSA conducts regular grade checks to monitor and support the academic progress of its athletes. Athletes requiring extra assistance will participate in targeted catch-up sessions, creating a restorative environment that enhances both learning and well-being. We prioritize academic success through the commitment of our coaches, mentors, directors, and parents to the holistic development of athletes. At JSSA, we believe that academic success is crucial for overall growth. 

JSSA offers volunteer opportunities for tutoring, providing a chance to contribute to the success of our athletes not only in their respective sports but also in the broader context of their lives. Recognizing our role within the community, we strive to nurture the development of youth, emphasizing the importance of education and holistic growth. Join us in making a positive impact by participating in our tutoring program and empowering young individuals for a brighter future.