JSSA Board Members

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Discover incredible community involvement opportunities with JSSA! A Board Member holds an elected position on our organization's Board of Directors, serving as an integral part of the governing body responsible for making decisions that shape the direction of the organization. Engage in these impactful roles, contributing to the dynamic and forward-thinking decisions that drive our community initiatives forward. Your participation can make a significant difference in the positive impact we aim to achieve.

Other volunteer opportunities

As our organization continually evolves and embraces change, we are seeking dedicated volunteers to play vital roles. We are in need of individuals who can provide coaching, oversee tutoring sessions and grade-checks, and actively engage our athletes in community initiatives. Join us in shaping the dynamic evolution of our organization and making a positive impact on the lives of our athletes and the community at large. Your commitment and skills can contribute to the ongoing success of our ever-adapting programs.

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